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At Dotel, we believe in providing a 'home away from home' experience for your furry companions. Our philosophy revolves around understanding each pet's unique needs, habits, and preferences to ensure they feel safe, loved, and cherished during their time with us. With personalized care and attention to detail, we strive to build long-lasting connections with both pets and their owners. Our goal is to offer a consistent and reliable source of care, where pets can enjoy a familiar environment and receive the individualized attention they deserve, just like they do at home.

  • Jessamy G

    "Very caring and reliable person to look after our two young cats during a family holiday. Communication was great and lots of pictures are shared which set our mind at ease as we'd not left them at home before. We would definitely use Dotel again to mind our cats and would recommend others do too!"

  • Ramon F

    "Thank you, could not have found a better dog carer for my girls, reliable trustworthy and helpful. Kept me updated throught, my dogs loved them and were well looked after. Thoroughly recommend and will 100% will be asking them to look after my dogs again. Thank you, appreciated it. "

  • Anthony E

    "Dotel clearly knows dogs and is quick on the uptake; They immediately got our dog and grasped what he needs to feel safe and confident. Dotel did exactly what we asked and we came home to a happy and relaxed dog."

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  • Personalized Pet Care

    We believe in tailoring our care to meet the unique needs of every pet. Our experienced team takes the time to understand your furry friend's preferences, routines, and quirks, ensuring they receive the individual attention they deserve. Whether it's a favorite toy, a special treat, or just some extra cuddle time, we go above and beyond to create a happy and relaxed experience for your pet.

  • Transparent Communication

    Stay connected with your pet while you are away. Our team provides regular updates and photos, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to stay informed about your pet's activities and well-being. With transparent communication, you can enjoy your time away knowing they're happy and content.

  • Consistent Care

    At Dotel, we understand the importance of consistency in pet care. Research shows that pets thrive when they receive consistent care from familiar faces, promoting a sense of security and well-being. With our services, your furry friends will be cared for by someone they know, ensuring their comfort and happiness. Additionally, building long-term connections with pets allows us to witness their growth and development, fostering a deeper bond and providing personalized care tailored to their evolving needs.

  • Backup Support

    Dotel serves as a backup for pet owners, providing peace of mind when life gets hectic. Whether you're caught up with work commitments or faced with an unexpected emergency, rest assured that we'll be there for your beloved pets. Our dedicated team ensures continuity of care, offering a support system for your furry companions. With Dotel as your backup, you can confidently navigate life's challenges knowing that your pets are in caring and capable hands.

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